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Diabetes Day



One of the major thrust of Zoom Heatthcare is going to be on Diabetes Care and its related complticns. Diabetes has been declared one of the most epidemic disorders in India where the general consciousness is almost negligible. Accordhg to the lntemational Diabetes Federation's findings in 2007, the country with the largest numbers of people with diabetes is India (40.9 million), followed by China (39.8 million). the United States (19.2 million). -Russia (9.6 million) and Germany (7.4 million). Some other alarming diabetes statistics include me fact that there is one person it the world dying of diabetes every ten seconds. Also. there are two new diabetic cases in the world being identified every ten seconds. These very same diabebs statistics tell us that by the year 2025, there will be as many as seven million new diabetic oases in the world. What's more. in countries such as India, there are going to be as many as eighty percent of all diabetics from the entire world population concentrated there which makes India the diabetic capital of the world.

These dbeles statistics show that the disease is not one that affects only the rich, though it is most likely to affect those with a sedentary lifestyle and who consume diets that are mainly unhealthy. A paper published in the British Joumal of Nutrition in 2009 showed a clear link between the consumption of while, polished (refined) rice and the prevalence of diabetes. In India, diabetes is found more among the poor people in the rice eating states in the south and east It is not that the eating habits of these regions have changed in the recent past But the rice which common people consume today and which their fathers and grand fathers consumed are totally different. in West Bengal there is an urgent need for spreading awareness about this killer disease and to provide for proper diabetes care. The ‘Service Beyond Business‘ aspect of diabetes care appealed to Anirudha Roy Chowdhury, the proprietor of Zoom 16. a dedicated Rctarian and Social Worker when he chose to diversity into the Heatthcare segment in West Bengal and he decided to focus on this area.

The Zoom Diabetes Care Clinic is being set up under the umbrella of Zoom Healthcare with the following Vision:
To create awareness amongst millions of people who are affected with this diabetes and wants to offer them treatment protocol of world standard.

Zoom Diabetes Care Clinic has a Mission with the following in focus :

  • To facilitate truly world class health care to diabetic patients at reasonable charges
  • To carry forward research on diabetes & related complications
  • To train paramedical personnel on various aspects of diabetes 8- related complications

The management of Zoom Healthcare has laid down the following Quality Policy and Objectives :

  • Prevention, management & control of diabetes and its complication
  • To continuously improve patients satisfaction level
  • Holistic care of diabetes 8- its complications by using latest treatment protocol
  • To motivate, train & develop human resources
  • To achieve excellence in diabetes care
  • To create & increase awareness of diabetes 8- its compltions amongst common people

Zoom Diabetes Care Clinic will offer the following facilities :

  • Diabetes Care
  • Diabetes Retinopalhy (Eye)
  • Diabetes Kidney clinic
  • Diabetes Heart clinic
  • Diabetes Foot Cane
  • High quality Pathological Laboratory
  • Dept of Dietetics & Nutrition
  • Obesity and Fitness Clinic

Under Zoom Foundation, the following charitable community services will be carried out on regular basis :

  • Free Diabetes detection camps at various parts of city of Kolkata and neighboring areas
  • Free Diabetic Cinic at ZDC once a month
  • Free Eye camp once in 2 months for screen'ng Cataract and Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Juvenile diabetes sponsorship scheme (tobeworked outwith a Corporate under CSR scheme)